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  • Disclaimer: FLETC Rental Properties is not affiliated with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, nor are we a licensed broker or real estate agent.

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The 2023/2024 Per Diem Rates are:


December  $172     


August $172  
September $172  


You will be assigned a reservation specialist who will be responsible for directly advertising your property. When inquiries are made the reservation specialist will promote your property when it is available.  We will work directly with the home owner to obtain details on the property to make sure we are marketing it when the time is right.

This fee covers

  •  the cost of operating the website for both the homeowner and the renter.
  • advertising (flyers, yard signs and different advertising tools).
  • the cost of your personal reservation specialist. 
  • Social Media marketing and advertising.
  •  FLETC Rental Properties has a great deal of experience and knowledge when it comes to the nuances of Government Lodging.  Our reservation specialists guide property owners unfamiliar with the process. 

The number one request we get is for a single family home on the south end of St. Simons Island. Pet friendly properties with fenced in yards are in high demand. Three bedrooms and updated properties usually do well.  Historically, the FLETC renter wants to be on St. Simons Island.

FLETC renters are required to use their government credit card to pay for their reservation. Once you add your property to FLETC Rental Properties and it has been approved, you will receive an email explaining the entire process.  We will also be available to answer any questions you may have about the process.  Please note that a credit card processing fee around 2.9% is incurred by the homeowner. 

The FLETC renter cannot be charged tax, a cleaning fee, or any other fees on their credit card. You, the owner must incur any additional fees (unless the FLETC renter agrees to pay some costs out of pocket).

Yes! We encourage it. If you have questions or concerns about the FLETC rental process we are here to help.  We also have a concierge department if you should need assistance with anything.  We are NOT a management company.  We are a marketing and advertising company.  

Everything you would include for a regular vacation renter. Internet, cable, electric, water, yard maintenance, furniture, linens, stocked kitchen.  There are lots of great properties for the FLETC renter to choose from.  So think of ways to make your property stand out.  Professional pictures, bikes, beach gear…

We also recommend leaving extra batteries for remote controls and smoke detectors and cleaning supplies.

Only “fire safe” properties; GSA is required by law to use only properties that are certified as being in compliance with the Hotel & Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990.

Other platforms are charging subscription fees in addition to service fees. We charge only 7% and there are never any hidden fees. We allow you to do whatever you want with your property and you only pay us when our marketing works for you.  If you find your own renter or need to block off your calendar for any reason, you owe us absolutely nothing. Other platforms also prevent you from communicating with the guest prior to booking. We always encourage communication prior to booking a guest.

FLETC Rental Properties specializes in Government Temporary Duty lodging and has garnered a excellent reputation with Federal Agencies and property owners.

The average length of stay for a FLETC renter is 6 months.   Why deal with constant turnover when you don’t have to?

We advertise directly to the FLETC renter!!!

Other platforms force you to use their cancelation policy and lease agreement. We allow you to use any cancelation policy and lease agreement you are comfortable with.

We also do local marketing as well as national marketing. We are able to advertise on the local level which other platforms are not able to do. We team up with local companies to help promote our website.

Every cleaning service is different. Some supply everything you need for your rental, other companies do not. I like to leave the following in my owner’s closets: extra sheets for each bed, extra linens, laundry detergent pods, dishwasher pods, trash bags, small trash can bags, hand soap refill, dish soap refill, sponges, curtain liners, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and bath mats.